My mission and purpose now is to share these understandings with people who find Selling and Influencing as demeaning, dangerous or frightful, so that they can become Congruent and Proud in engaging with them.

My mission is to facilitate for people to understand thatInfluence is unavoidable, natural and necessary – and that “problems” appear when it’s done Mind-less-ly, rather than Mind-full-ly.

My purpose is to support people to realize that Value grows only when it is Exchanged and that Selling is the vitally important process which promotes the Exchange of Value (by the way, can you even imagine a community in which no selling takes place, whatsoever?)

I would love to see all Salespersons behaving worthy of the people’s respect and consideration and to raise the profession of Selling to the level of appreciation of any other profession which brings Value to people’s lives.

That’s what I am about. 

That’s my Dream.