A thought started to grow in my mind: since Selling is something natural and since Nature always makes the mandatory things to be enjoyable, then it should be a way to Sell that’s enjoyable.

At one moment in time I decided that the skills I acquired could be more useful for helping people change their life experience for the better. As a therapist and as a coach, I helped people stop smoking, control their weight or simply become more Mindful about their life. That process was still a Sale, only that my clients asked me to “sell them” on that idea.

I loved being a changeworker, but my business didn’t go all that well. Although I had a history of a good salesmanship, somehow it didn’t work in my therapy business. It was frustrating, because I knew that what I was doing was a good thing.

It took me a long time to realize the distinction between selling tangibles/ commodities, and selling “changework”.

When I used to sell commodities, I could easily ‘demonstrate’ how they work, ‘prove’ them working and ‘guarantee’ the results. That allowed me to Believe in my product and thus, to promote it wholeheartedly. 

However, when it came to “changework”, the client – in and of themselves – became an active party of the success of the process: I noticed that if the client didn’t engage and participate with the process, the desired change would not happen (although they asked for it). This meant that I could not anymore ‘demonstrate’, ‘prove’ or ‘guarantee’ the results of my service… and, subsequently, my own Belief in my own service became flawed – and so did my determination in promoting it.

On top of this, I felt awkward asking money for something that I loved doing!

All this, and other important revelations, drove me to research and investigate deeper the process of Selling. That led up to the book I have written,“Heart to Heart Selling – Create Clients through Nurturing Connection”

Note: initially, the title said
“Heart to Heart Selling – Selling is Not Deceiving”… but the publisher asked me to change it… 🙂

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