From my experience as a salesman and as a hypnotherapist it emerged a message that I felt I have to share with the world.

I want to be transparent: this is not another collection of techniques, tactics or strategies to “make” people buy your stuff. This is a book about transformation, about how to BE a salesperson that people trust, respect and want to do business with. 

If you feel uncomfortable about selling, if your sales are low or if your clients don’t respect you and you try to resolve that by learning manipulation techniques, it’s like putting a nice paint on a house with a weak foundation. The foundation for you is your understanding of what selling means. When you fix that foundation and when your inner concept of selling becomes aligned with your actions, you’ll become congruent in what you do, confident and motivated, inspiring for your clients.

In my message I am addressing this misunderstanding that floats around the concept of selling, making both salespersons and general public fear and scorn the profession of selling. 

In Chapter 10 I reveal the original meaning of the concept of selling – as it was used thousands of years ago – and I use it to propose that selling is supposed to be about Serving by offering a fair Exchange of Value, coming from an attitude of Presence and Connection, of ‘giving’ rather than ‘taking’, of non-attachment to the outcome and even of playfulness.

In Chapter 19 I go deeply into the concept of Value and in Chapter 18 I debate that selling by giving the prospect an Experience of the value that you offer is much more effective than ‘convincing’ or ‘persuading’ them. 

Since many people “dread” the aspect of ‘asking for money’, in Chapter 21 I show that the exchange of value is of the essence for the growth of value in any community. 

AND, when selling is done from a place of connection and presence, of giving rather than taking, of understanding rather than forcing or imposing, of playfulness without attachment to the outcome, of wanting without needing it – that’s when selling becomes what it is supposed to be: serving by offering an equitable exchange of value. 

The way I see it, selling is influence. Since Influence is a natural and continuous process that cannot be stopped (i.e., we are influencing each other all the time), the principles that I teach in this book apply to all human interactions: friendships, romantic relationships, parenting, and so forth. These insights will help you nurture Heart to Heart relationship.