I am a happy guy who has a Vision. I like to Be Present in the Moment and to Connect with people. My passion has always been to understand how the Mind works, because I wanted to inspire people to explore all the options they have, but don’t see. That’s why I focused all my energy, time and knowledge to find better ways to serve the ones who really want to shape their reality.
My native country is Romania and I moved here when I was about 30 years old, leaving behind family, friends and a good running business. Although I have a Mechanical Engineering degree, I liked more the freedom of being a professional salesman. 

So, basically, I took an “engineering perspective” over the process of influencing and motivating people to recognize value and take action.

As a fairly successful salesman, I made good money – enough to allow me to financially survive following a brain surgery I had a few years ago (which made it difficult for me to continue doing the same activity). But, even as a successful salesman, I didn’t feel that good about myself. The “American”, highly competitive and aggressive selling style was quite different than the one I was used to, as a business owner in my old country.

Yes, I liked the money I was making and I thought that this discomfort was “part of the deal”, the price I had to pay. So, I used my bank account to make myself feel good.

But the awkwardness kept coming back. 

I wanted to know what is happening, so I set myself up for learning. I trained in three continents with internationally recognized trainers, in Selling, in Neuro Linguistic Programming, in Hypnosis, Life Coaching and changework/ therapy. I discovered that, indeed, Everything is Sales and Selling is about Influence: whatever happens, there is a Sale going on, and Influence is something that we cannot not do.