I recently had a coaching session with Cezar.

Right from the start, Cezar felt so easy to talk to and has a way of having you open up and explore your stumbling blocks much deeper than expected and gave me lots of beautiful advice.

Some of the main things Cezar mentioned to me were, no matter how clever you are you can never see your own blind spots.

This was invaluable to me as I was struggling to charge people I perceived to be on a similar training level to myself, as I thought why would they pay me, although they ask for and act on the advice I give.

We also discussed the exchange of value, I loved this and had a felt experience of the understanding of this, it just felt so right to me and for me.

By the end of the coaching session all the anxiety and negative thinking around my stumbling blocks had melted away and left an eagerness to connect and play.

Thank you once again so very much.

Julie Brown