My message is centered on the fact that Selling is not about Convincing or Pushing people to buy, but rather…


About Connection

First of all, this attitude induces in the Salespersons reluctance and uneasiness in performing their job. Even the “toughest” Salespersons feel the pressure of that un-constructive attitude, and this shows in their frustrations, in their tantrums and in their inflexibility for accepting management. Basically, the Salespersons’ productivity is diminished: they procrastinate about Prospecting, they unconsciously arrive late for appointments, they don’t master their presentation, they stutter at closing and they practically have no connection with their clients.

About making the interaction ‘about the client’, not ‘about the salesperson

When they go out and sell their product, all they have in mind is “make a sale”. The client’s interest is secondary. Their focus  is on “how to Get something From them”, instead of “how to Give something For them”. The sales process turns to be about the Salesperson and their advantage, instead of being about the Client and their satisfaction. Would You buy from such a salesperson?

About Service

Customer Service representatives think of their jobs as “battles” with clients. Most of the time, their aim  is to “close down” those clients who are calling, listening notto understand their problems but rather listening to find opportunities to turn back their words. If You were a client of such a company, would you buy again from them?

About Prospecting

Perhaps the most obvious impact of this attitude is on the Prospecting activity. Salespersons deeply dislike this part – generally speaking, of course – so they procrastinate about it, the best they can. Moreover, when they finally proceed, they are so fake and tense about it, that there’s no wonder nobody wants to open a relationship with them. Would You open yourself to someone who obviously wants something FROM you?

About the company

The most subtle negative impact, though, is reflected on the company, itself. When the general population notices that the sales team of a particular company is aggressive, disrespectful and pushy, the company is actually the entity which suffers most. That particular salesperson can change jobs or move to another city, but the name of the company will remain linked with that pushy attitude. How do you think the term of “used car salesman” came up?