Mentoring goes beyond Teaching. 
It requires Connection and mutual Inspiration.

I personally believe that Every single human being has the capacity for Excellence. However, I noticed that not everybody is Willing to “let go” of their unhelpful beliefs and understandings about the world.

Somebody said “How can I guide your steps, when you are unwilling to move your feet?”

I will offer you Mentoring only if you inspire me as a person who is Willing to Connect with their True Self, to Become Present to the Moment and to Take Ownership of their Ego/ personality. You must beWilling to Play, Explore and Experiment with new attitudes and mindsets and to Engage without holding anything back. Your mind has to be Open, because it is the only barrier between you and what you want. You must show Commitment to unfolding your Dream into Reality.

Keep in mind, this is Not therapy. My aim is not to “fix” you, but to help you Dream higher than your fears and to get you started on the Journey towards unfolding that Dream. The purpose is to really put you in touch with your Dream, beyond your self-doubts.

How does Mentoring work? Will you lecture me about stuff?

No, fortunately! Actually, You’ll do most of the talking. I will ask you questions that nobody dared to ask you before, about your dreams and about your fears, about your desires and about your challenges. My aim is to understand and know you, perhaps better than you know yourself. I want to Connect with you at a deeper level than your best friend. I want to know your story, inside out.

I will Believe in you, and that’s why I will challenge the way you see yourself and the world around you. I will ask you to do things that you feel now fearful or embarrassed about.

We will uncover what’s your deep purpose that makes you have that desire. We will explore your deepest values and align them with your goal. Many times you’ll have an insight and you’ll realize that what you initially thought you want, is not what you Really want – so your goals will become aligned with your values, instead.

We will uncover what’s holding you back and we’ll clear out the things that drain your energy or distract you.

We will draw a Map, from where you are now, to where you want to arrive, and I’ll be your GPS to keep you on track – but remember, YOU are the one who needs to walk the walk.

I’ll  help you build the skills you need for your ride to be effective – but be aware, YOU are the one who needs to practice those skills and “to do the doing”.

We won’t “chat”. We will have Meaningful Conversations that will transform you from Inside Out.

Will I learn Sales Techniques and Communication Strategies, so I “seem” to be more confident?

This is not about Techniques or Tricks to use with other people. This is about Becoming an Influential and Charismatic person, who is comfortable with their Feelings and who Mindfully Connects with people.

That means that you will become self-reliant and able to Mentor yourself and others, if you will want to.

When you engage with my Mentoring program, you are not paying for my time, not even for my knowledge coming from thousands of hours of training – but for your Becoming Owner of your Lifeand Active Shaper of Your Reality.

Influence is not something that you Do, but something you Become.

However, as you Become that person, I’ll teach you how to use hypnotic communication, because now those techniques will come from a different place: not to “trick” people, but rather to assist them to see beyond their self imposed limitations, while still allowing them to take whatever decision they seem fit for them at the moment.

Do you offer guarantees for your program?

This is a great question.

Remember, YOU are the active ingredient in all this interaction, and the most important part of it. You are not a car and I am not a mechanic, to “tune-up” you. You need to engage 100% with the process. Together we’ll work on gaining understandings and set up plans for action; You will go out and take the proper actions.

That’s why I want to be clear: I offer no guarantees and no refunds, because I am not binding myself to “make” you do the stuff (it could be possible, but it’s also mutually frustrating). The only guarantee that I offer is that I will be entirely Present with you in our sessions, I will Believe in you, I will “live through you” so to understand you from Inside. When you are Connected with yourself and with your Dreams, that Inspires me to engage my lifetime knowledge and experience to help you achieve and become what you want. My job is not to re-program you, but to offer and support you in adopting useful perspectives about the world you live in, wake you up to new levels of living and being, so that you allow yourself to Connect deeper with yourself.

My mission is to help you Become the kind of person who inherently creates that desired reality, inside out. 

How do I know if your Mentoring will work for me?

I will Not try to Convince or Persuade you that you should hire me as your Mentor. Rather, I will  Give you an Experience of what my Mentoring is about. The way I see it, this is the best way for you to realize for yourself if my Mentoring is Valuable for you, or not.

This way, I will also have an opportunity to know you and to decide if I find Value in Mentoring you. My time and energy are limited and I will offer you Coaching only if I sense that you are Willing to Engage and Transform into the Owner of your Life. 

I’ll waive my fee for this Mentoring Experience and there’s no obligation, whatsoever, for you to hire me as your Mentor and to continue working with me.

This does Not mean that it’s Free! I believe in Exchange of Value, so am I asking for Value in return.

Provided that you have an inspiring mission and you’re fun to work with, I am asking for your time, your Commitment, your Presence in the moment, your Personal Power and your Willingness to engage with the experience.

More or less, this is how it works:

–    First, We Connect and we get a sense that we could relate to each other;

–    You tell me what you want and how is that a problem for you;

–    We’ll talk about that a little bit, at a deeper level than you might have done before, because I need to understand you and where you’re coming from;

–    As we get a good sense one of each other, I will offer you some small challenges to try out: perhaps a different perspective, or a different way of doing something;

–    If you show openness and willingness to engage with the experience, if our Connection is still strong and your project inspires me, I will invite you for a Meaningful and Powerful Conversation. I’ll set aside about two hours for you and we’ll meet either in person, on Skype or on the phone;

          o    I will treat that Conversation just the same as if you were a paying client. If someone watched us, they would not be able to tell the difference. The entire conversation will be about you andabout your dream;

          o    Why this way? It’s for you to Have an Experience of the possibilities we could accomplish together, for you to get an Definite sense of what you can expect from our relationship, to realize if Mentoring would make any Difference in your life experience, and to be able to clearly compare its Value with the Possibilities that could open up for you.

What happens at the end of that Meaningful Conversation?

There are four things that can happen at the end of our Conversation:

–    You got a powerful insight and your “problem” collapsed on its own. The door has opened for you to move forward towards your Dream wholeheartedly, without my help or assistance. All the best to you. (you may or may not give me a testimonial or refer me to somebody you know… that’s entirely up to you)

–    You had meaningful revelations, but you are not “there” yet. You feel that more is possible, but you’re not quite sure. The best way to go about it is to schedule in another Deep Conversation.

–    You have a definite sense that my Mentoring approach is bound to help you move in the desired direction. We are both inspired and excited about the possibilities that opened up for you. I will make you an offer and you’ll give me a Clear YES or a Clear NO. Either is perfect.

–    At the end of the Conversation, we’ll both know that I’m not the right Mentor for you. Perhaps we didn’t Connect as we hoped, or maybe is not the proper moment for us. Whatever the case, that’s perfectly OK. Even if you only took a tiny insight with you, which will help you somehow in the future, that gives me satisfaction. Maybe we’ll meet again.

I aim to Connect with everybody that I meet, but I don’t offer Meaningful Conversations to everybody. Furthermore, I am not offering ongoing Mentoring following every Meaningful Conversation. Why? I am only offering Mentoring to people that give me a strong sense that we can succeed in our quest.

The creed I follow is: I don’t “need” Clients, but I “want” Clients who get Results.

How much money does your Mentoring cost?

Insights can happen in a moment, but Transformation usually takes time. That’s why my most effective program is the “virtually unlimited coaching”, unfolding over 12 months of constant refining (since the old habits will tend to resist change).

What does it mean “virtually unlimited”? It means that, although we will schedule regular meetings, you could request additional ones if you need assistance with out-of-the-ordinary situations (emergencies, special occasions, etc).

However, I realize that different people have different styles and different needs, so I am flexible to design specific programs.

My fees are anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

However, money is the last thing that should concern you. What’s of the essence is the Value you can Receive out of our interaction. If you find No Value in my Mentoring, then $5 would be too much for me to ask!

But if you find Value in it and that Value is more than a High Definition Flat Screen TV, then you have your answer.

The decision is all yours. I realize that you Don’t Need my Mentoring and I respect that. 

The question is: Do you Want Mentoring? Do you Want somebody to Believe in you? 

Be sure, I’ll not employ any of the “old school” selling techniques in order to “hard sell” you or to “convince” you of anything. It’s not what I believe in and I don’t think is useful for neither of us. I will only do my part, to Serve you the best I know. It is for YOU to decide IF there is Value in that, and HOW MUCH Value there is.

What’s next?

So, if you want to Become a more effective Influencer, either in your Personal or in your Business life – having understood the message above – go to Contact page and talk to me (or email me at