Stuart and I both enjoyed and learned a lot from your Playshop on Saturday.

I am working to change and tweak the way I connect with people. I have made two connections in the last two days and I came away feeling more positive than before and not feeling like it was a one sided and a waste of time. I guess my attitude and approach has changed because of you. Thanks.

Both connections I came away feeling like I had learned something from each person and that we could help one another in some way to better our business! It was a lot more relaxing and enjoyable, like it was friends visiting with each other and trying to help each other succeed. 

I need to keep working on Me, to become like a child again, having fun and not worry about the outcome. I have always been taken care of and I need to remember that God will always be there for me!!

I don’t need or want everyone to partner up with me in business! I only need a few that really want to change their lives for the better and to have fun while doing so.

Thank you for waking up the sleeper in me.

I would recommend Cezar’s Playshop and book Heart to Heart Selling to anyone that feels they need to make a change, for things to change, so that they can move forward in life and/or business.

Thanks so much,
Rosemarie Rae